Celebrating 6th September

Fatima Altaf

6th Septmber, or DefenceDay, has been celebrated by us as a day of victory since 1965. It is a day of exultation on which we recount the glorious events and incidents of a battle which we won, against an aggressor who attacked us in the dark of the night, out of the blue, and disturbed our peace. It has always been a day on which we pay tribute to our heroes and martyrs, and reminisce the glory of that day and the entire 17 day battle.

Over the past few years, however, this exultation and pride has somewhat been staled by the emergence of a group of “liberals,” or “apologists,” whose task is to change our perceptions of victory into defeat, to make us look like deluded individuals singing hollow songs of victory, glorifying individuals who did not know what they were doing, fighting a war for…

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