Fasting or Gluttony?

Fatima Altaf

Ramadan, the blessed month, the holiest of all months, comes to us once every year. It is the month in which the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (SAW), a month in which guidance was bestowed upon mankind. By fasting for 30 days we offer our gratitude to Allah for bestowing upon us this favour of His guidance.

The word fasting literally means “abstinence” – not only from food and drink, but from all wordly desires and from all that is base and profane. It is basically a month of “ethical training,” meant to tame the nafs and to bring it under the control and subordination of the heart or qalb. 

Yet, thoughout the month we see a complete lack of control, especially regarding our stomachs. What we do observe is an obsession with food and the height of gluttony taking place especially at iftar. We eat and eat…

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