The True Word

Fatima Altaf

Originally published in Pakistan Tribe Blogs:

Also published in Dunya Blogs:

Of all the millions of species existing on our planet, human beings are the only ones endowed with speech – the ability to articulate our thoughts and emotions into words. Words are the tool of communication, the unit of speech, the constituents of language. They are what connect us to other homo sapiens.

Who can deny the power of words? Words can help us connect, or disconnect; they can aid in communication or cause miscommunication. Words have the power to besot, to mesmerize, to flatter; just as they have the power to offend, to anger, to deceive.

Yet, despite their indispensible role in human connection and communication, we humans are excessively careless with words. We waste them and misuse them and exploit them.According to research, women speak an average of 20,000 words daily, while men speak around 7,000…

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